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How Donald Trump and Elon Musk killed Twitter, with Marty Baron and Zoe Schiffer

The Twitter bird impaled on the X logo.
Image: The Verge

Decoder is my show about big ideas and other problems. And today, we’re bringing you a special episode where we’re just going to talk about one very big problem: Twitter.

2023 will go down as the year that Elon Musk killed Twitter. First, he did it in a big way by buying the company, firing most of the employees, and destabilizing the platform; then, he did it in a small but important and symbolic way by renaming the company X and trying to make a full break with what came before.

So now that the story of the company named Twitter is officially over, it felt important to stop and ask: what was Twitter anyway, and why were so many powerful people obsessed with it for so long?

Here at The Verge, we don’t often look back; we’re a site…

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