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Chaos breaks out after anti-war protestors booted from House China Committee hearing

The first hearing held by the House China Select Committee on Tuesday night was disrupted by protestors holding signs reading ‘China is not our enemy,’ and ‘Stop Asian hate.’ 

Two protesters appearing to be affiliated with the anti-war group ‘Code Pink’ interpreted one of the panelists of the hearing, former National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, during his opening remarks. 

One woman stood up during McMaster’s remarks holding a sign reading ‘China is not our enemy’ was escorted out by Capitol police as she was yelling at committee members. 

Moments later, a man stood up in the audience holding a sign saying ‘Stop Asian hate,’ also yelled at committee members while being escorted out of the room by Capitol police officers. 

Committee Chairman Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., noted to the protester that his sign was ‘upside down,’ as he was ushered out.

Both signs were labeled by ‘Code Pink,’ a left-wing activist group focused on ending foreign wars.

McMaster continued by suggesting that the protesters may be a result of Chinese propaganda.

‘I think these eruptions are indicative of really the effect that the United Front Work Department has had,’ McMaster said. 

‘And maybe we can talk more about that during the course of the hearing. I think they have reinforced to some degree what you might call a bit of a curriculum of self-loathing that has taken hold in academia for many years. They, they reinforce, I think, the idea that America is the problem in the world and only if America disengages or in this case becomes more passive that things will get better,’ he added.

This post appeared first on FOX NEWS

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