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Samsung Display shows off a new folding phone hinge that can rotate 360 degrees

Samsung Display prototype folded outwards being held in somebody’s hands.
Samsung Display prototype. | Image: Samsung Display

Samsung has a new prototype display that could send its folding phones in a new direction: 360 degrees.

Samsung Display, the subsidiary that makes the company’s screens, showed off the new prototype display and hinge at CES 2023. The “Flex In & Out” display can rotate 360 degrees, meaning it can be folded inward and outward, company spokesperson John Lucas told The Verge in an email.

In addition, the display comes with a different hinge design that supposedly creates a significantly less visible crease. That’s because the “water-drop hinge” could allow the display to form a looser shape — like a waterdrop — when folded inward. This subtler hinge would also put less stress on the display.

Image: Samsung Display


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